The management group at 1xBet and its staff members take great care to protect your personal information and maintain general confidentiality.

We are dedicated to enhancing the clarity of how we handle and safeguard your personal information. We have updated this privacy statement to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation’s requirements (GDPR).

Our data processing practices and your choices about the use of your personal information are outlined in this privacy statement.

We ensure that users of our website can make an informed decision by offering clear information about how we use cookies, which 1xBet understands and accepts responsibility for delivering to you, our customers.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any requests, inquiries, or recommendations about your personal data or if you have any general concerns about how to use and process the services that are offered to you.

Additionally, we respectfully request that you email [email protected] with as much information as possible regarding any pages on our website about which you have concerns regarding cookie use.

Data Security

1xBet promises to safeguard your personal information. This privacy statement describes the types of data we get when users use our services, why we get this data, and what we do with it.

Kindly take note that 1xBet (hereinafter referred to as “We”, “Us” or “Our”, if applicable) and you will negotiate this privacy policy.

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and we’ll let you know by posting the updated terms on our platforms. It is advised that you periodically examine this privacy statement.

Your express consent, which is a freely provided, explicit, informed, and unequivocal declaration of your consent to the processing of your personal data (henceforth referred to as “Consent”), is required before 1xBet can begin processing your personal data.

You hereby offer us your full, informed, and conscious consent, freely, voluntarily and in your best interest.

You or your representative may provide us with your consent to process personal data in any format that enables us to verify receipt, such as: – IN WRITING

In this case, the consent ought to state the following:

  • name, first name, patronymic (if applicable), address of the subject of the personal data, number of the primary identification document, date of issue, and issuing authority; or name, first name, patronymic, address of the representative of the personal data subject, number, issue date, and issuing authority of their primary identification document, the requirements of a notarized power of attorney or other document confirming that representative’s authority (upon receipt of the representative of the personal data subject’s consent);
  • the mailing address of 1xBet where the personal data subject’s consent is received and the reasons for processing the personal data;
  • a list of the personal data for which the subject of the personal data has granted consent
  • the identity and address of the person (legal entity), if any, handling 1xBet’s personal data, in the event that processing has been assigned to them;
  • a list of activities regarding personal data for which consent has been granted; basic summary of the techniques used to process personal data;
  • the duration and method of validity of the subject’s permission to use of their personal data
  • the personal data subject’s signature – BY WAY OF IMPLICATIVE ACTIONS OF a personal data subject expressing their will to establish a legal relationship with 1xBet, not in the form of an oral or written expression of their will, but by their behavior, from which such an intention can be concluded (for example, registration on the 1xBet website, registration to 1xBet services, execution of monetary transactions into their personal account obtained through registration on the 1xBet website, which is a requirement for engaging in betting in accordance with 1xBet’s Terms and Conditions, registration of bets through their personal account and receipt of winnings through their personal account, compliance with the regulations set forth by the gambling operator, etc.).

1xBet does not require your Consent to process your personal data in the following cases: 

  • where the processing of personal data is necessary to achieve the objectives provided for by international treaties or laws of local jurisdictions, for the performance and discharge of the functions, powers, and duties conferred by law; 
  • where processing of personal data is necessary for the administration of justice, the execution of a court decision or a decision by another legal body or an official subject to execution in accordance with local laws; 
  • where processing of personal data is necessary to protect the life, health, or other vital interests of the subject of personal data if obtaining their consent is not possible; 
  • where processing of personal data is necessary for the purposes of exercising the rights and legitimate interests of 1xBet or third parties, or for the achievement of socially significant purposes, provided that this does not violate the rights and freedoms of your personal data; 
  • where processing of personal data is carried out for statistical or other research purposes, subject to obligatory anonymization of your personal data, except when personal data is processed for marketing purposes; 
  •  where access to the personal data that is being processed has been provided by you to an unlimited number of persons; 
  • where personal data that is being processed is subject to publication or mandatory disclosure in accordance with the laws of local jurisdictions.

The company will only collect, hold, and use personal data belonging to people who are clients. Any customer’s personal data may be arbitrarily refused by the business to be stored, provided, or processed without justification.

In accordance with the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR), we fully handle the processes for you to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data, find out if your personal data is available in 1xBet, and get clarification, blocking, and destruction of any personal data that 1xBet may hold about you upon request.

The purposes for collecting personal information

We gather and handle data that can be used to identify an individual, such as first and last name, date of birth, credit card information, home or other address, email address, phone number, or other pertinent personal data (henceforth referred to as “Information”).

While visiting our website, creating an account, or utilizing our services, you can be prompted for personal information.

The following types of personal data may be included in the information we collect:

  • contact information, such as a phone number and email address
  • details about your place of residence (your postal address)
  • payment details, transaction history, preferences when utilizing the website, and service feedback

In compliance with the regulations set forth by your state, we gather, use, and keep this information on servers.

Our servers save a unique activity record of your interactions with our services, which gathers various traffic and administrative data, such as: source IP address, the time and date of access, the language used, software crash reports, and the kind of browser used.

We require this information to make sure we offer the best possible services. We will never gather personal data about you without your consent.

Methods of accessing and analyzing data

As previously mentioned, we might automatically gather some information about you and get Personal Information from you if you voluntarily submit it through the services or in other interactions and communications on the 1xBet website.

Additionally, client lists legally obtained from third-party suppliers, online retailers and service providers may furnish us with personal information. In order to maintain your account and provide technical support for your online transactions, we might employ the services of other service providers.

Any information you give to these suppliers, service providers, and third-party e-commerce services will be accessible to us. The terms of this Privacy Policy shall govern how we utilize the Personal Information.

Only in compliance with this privacy policy and your state’s laws will this information be shared with non-company third parties.

Using data

We use the personal data you give us to deliver our services, to answer your questions, to maintain the security required, to verify your identity and conduct identity checks, to handle any online transactions you make, to help you participate in promotions offered by third parties, to comply with legal requirements, and for any other reasons pertaining to the running of our gaming services.

As a result, in the course of providing our services, we might disclose your personal information to our carefully chosen partners, as well as to any other organizations with whom you have made data sharing agreements.

We may also use your personal information to give you the following:

  • promotional deals and details regarding our goods and services
  • special deals and details on the goods and services of our partners, in an effort to increase the selection of goods we can provide you and enhance our customer support.

We might occasionally ask for information from you through surveys or contests. It is entirely up to you whether or not to participate in these surveys or competitions, and you can choose not to reveal any personal information.

The required information may contain contact details (name, phone number, correspondence address), geographic data (postal code, address), and age.

You agree that your name may be used for promotional reasons without further compensation when you participate in any competition or accept rewards from us, unless the law prohibits it.

We may use your personal information (including your phone number and email address) to contact you about our promotions and other gaming products (like online poker, casinos, betting, backgammon, etc.) as well as carefully chosen third-party goods and services if you haven’t made up your mind not to receive promotional information from us.

Information Disclosure

Your Personal Information is not shared by us with businesses, associations, or anyone that are not connected to 1xBet.

If you have given us permission to do so, we may disclose your Personal Information to businesses, organizations, or people that are not connected to 1xBet.

Your Personal Information may be disclosed by us if we feel in good faith that doing so is essential to:

  • obey any legal requirement or procedure that affects us, any of our websites or services, or in situations where we are legally required to do so; 
  • defend our property or rights; 
  • and safeguard the public’s or our service users’ personal safety.

If it is determined that you have attempted or, in our judgment and exclusive discretion, misled us or any other service user in any manner, including but not limited to game manipulation and payment fraud.

In the event that we have reasonable suspicions that you are engaging in payment fraud, which includes using credit cards that have been stolen, or any other fraudulent activity, such as payment reversals or cancellations, or unlawful transactions, such as money laundering, we reserve the right to share this information and your identity with other online gaming sites, banks, credit card companies, relevant law enforcement agencies, and other relevant parties.

Your information may be shared with the appropriate organizations for the purpose of conducting public research on addiction prevention.

Marketing Communications

To “opt out” of receiving any marketing correspondence, you can do the following:

  • by opting to unsubscribe from receiving promotional emails from us at any time by sending an email, 
  • contacting to our Customer Services department, 
  • or changing your account settings on our websites or through our services.

Furthermore, you can get in touch with us whenever you:

  • want to know what personal information about you we gather, handle, and store; 
  • want to know where we got it from; want to know if the information we have collected about you is accurate; want to update your personal information; 
  • or have any complaints about how we have used your personal information.

If necessary, we will amend any information you have given us, providing you can demonstrate why the changes are needed and can authenticate your identity.

To be clear, if your country’s laws oblige us to share your Personal Information, then nothing in our Privacy Policy will permit us to keep it.

Assent to the Use of Video Service Providers

You will need to send money to and receive money from us in order to play games on our services for real money. We might handle the necessary financial transactions using third-party electronic payment systems in order to enable these services.

By accepting this Privacy Policy and agreeing to its terms, you knowingly and freely allow third parties to process and complete financial transactions using your personal information, including, where required, sending that information outside of your nation.

We take precautions to guarantee that when you use third-party payment systems, your privacy is secured.

Security Reviews

We maintain the right, at any time, to do a security review in order to confirm the information you submitted for registration, to confirm your financial transactions, and to ensure that you are using our services correctly. This is done to guard against any potential violations of our terms and conditions as well as any applicable laws.

By utilizing our services and accepting our terms and conditions, you give us permission to use your personal information and to share it with outside parties in order to verify the details you provided when registering and using our services. This may require transferring your personal information outside of your country.

Ordering a credit report and other methods of cross-referencing the data you submit with databases owned by third parties are examples of security reviews, albeit they are not the only ones.


We are aware of how crucial it is to offer security and the procedures required to protect the privacy, accuracy, and use of data. Every piece of personal data we get straight from you is kept safe in a password- and encryption-protected database housed inside our secure network and secured by the most recent firewall software.

SSL Version 3 with 128-bit encryption is supported by our services. We also take action to guarantee that the appropriate security measures are used by our suppliers, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, and agents.

However, we cannot ensure the security of your data while it is being delivered, as transferring information over the internet is typically not entirely safe.

1xBet has put in place all the necessary security measures and protocols to safeguard your data once it has been received.