Problems with gambling are linked to poor mental health and can show up as suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and sadness. They can also result in bankruptcy or criminal activity, and they negatively impact academic performance, professional connections, and family life. Instead of being a means of generating income, gambling ought to be a fun pastime.

Regretfully, there are situations when abusing gambling might result in issues. We look out for our clients and do everything in our power to offer a dependable, safe solution that they may utilize without fear of negative outcomes.

Underage gaming is prohibited by our organization for those under the age of eighteen.We don’t market our goods and services to children or those who are mentally ill. We pledge that no information intended to draw minors to the Service is present in any of our marketing, sponsorship, or advertising campaigns.

Make sure minors cannot access your computer or your usernames, passwords, or bank account information if you share it with them. There are programs available, including NetNanny and Cyber Patrol, to restrict access to gaming.

We do age verification checks on a regular basis to ensure that all of our participants are of legal age. When our investigations are unable to verify the customer’s age, we occasionally ask for further information to ensure that the player is of legal age.

Accessible Personal accounts may be restricted and funds blocked until we obtain the required documentation and it is clearly established that you are of legal age. The legal age to wager and gamble is often 18 years old, depending on the regulations in your nation.

It is important for our consumers to realize that they are the ones that guarantee their legitimate registration on 1xBet.

Our marketing strategies and advertisements don’t mislead consumers or make false claims about the services we provide. Clients are advised of potential hazards as well as their odds of winning. Payment is required for services rendered; overspending is discouraged. To gauge your degree of gambling addiction, select “Yes” or “No” for each of the following questions:

  • Do you spend too much money?
  • Do you usually steal or borrow money to keep playing poker?
  • Have you recently found yourself spending less time with your loved ones and family?
  • Have other people’s thoughts regarding your use of gambling services begun to annoy you?
  • Have you become disinterested in your pastimes or hobbies?
  • Are you depressed or do you ever consider suicide as a result of losing?
  • Have you ever told lies to hide how much money or time you spent gambling?

In the event that the majority of the questions above were “Yes,” you probably have a gambling addiction.

Admitting to having an addiction and taking action against it is never too late. We appreciate our clients and promise never to add to the issue. To lessen your chance of being addicted to gambling, please read the following advice:

  • Never think of gaming as your primary source of money.
  • Set spending limitations for both money and time, and make sure you don’t go over them.
  • Use only funds you can afford to lose when you gamble.
  • Refrain from pursuing your losses.
  • If you are feeling depressed or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, avoid gambling.

We provide a voluntary self-exclusion service for customers who choose to place restrictions on their gambling. This service enables you to close your account or limit your gaming for one of the following time periods: one, six, or a full year. Your account will be closed when it has been self-excluded and remain closed for the duration of the chosen time period. You may resume using any Services on the website when the self-exclusion period has passed.

Before the self-exclusion period expires, you can ask for the restrictions to be lifted from your account, but the Company has the last say in the matter.

Reach out to us at [email protected] if you would like to impose restrictions on your online behavior. We might set a maximum amount that you can stake. You are free to adjust these quantities at any time, but they won’t take effect until 24 hours after the previous update.

You agree that if you continue to gamble or use a new Account with the Service under a different name or address, the Company will not be held financially liable or otherwise liable, and you must not seek to register a new Account during the self-exclusion period. A customer’s account might, under extraordinary circumstances, be unblocked prior to the expiration of the self-exclusion period.