The user must agree to the General Terms and Conditions in order to register on this website. If the General Terms and Conditions are changed, current users will have at least two weeks’ notice before the new terms take effect, during which time they may decide to stop using the products and services.

General Rules

Under license 1668/JAZ of Curaçao eGaming (CEG), granted by the Governor of Curaçao to date October 1st, 1996 under the legislation of June 8th, 1993, Caecus N.V. operates the games of 1xbet, including any certified aliases. The Gaming Control Board in Curaçao has been given less authority by the Minister of Finance to oversee gaming licenses. 

You must first consent to being legally bound by the Responsible Gaming Agreement’s (RGA) terms and conditions before you can play the games (GT&C). It is crucial to understand that the RGA/GT&C imposes significant restrictions and limitations for your safety as well as the safety of others. Please be sure to properly read the RGA/GT&C before choosing to play any games.

The following people are not permitted to place bets:

  • individuals under the age of eighteen at the time of placement; 
  • individuals who directly take part in the events being bet on (sportsmen, coaches, referees, club owners or management, or other individuals who can influence the outcome of the event); 
  • individuals representing other bookmakers; 
  • individuals who are prohibited from entering into a contract with a bookmaker under the applicable legislation.

In some countries (such as the USA, the UK, Cyprus, the Netherlands, etc.), it may be illegal to access and/or use the website (including any or all of the products supplied through the website). We do not want users of our website to be able to use it for gambling, sports betting, or any other kind of gambling activities if they live in a place where those activities are prohibited.

The availability of our website in such a nation and/or jurisdiction, as well as the fact that it can be viewed in that nation’s official language, do not constitute official approval or legitimate justification for using our website to make deposits into your account or withdraw winnings. The fact that the website is available does not imply that it encourages or proposes using or subscribing to betting, gambling, or any other service in any area where these activities are prohibited.

You assure us that gambling is legal in the area where you live. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether using the Website and/or accessing it in accordance with any applicable laws in your region. Make sure your actions are lawful in the jurisdiction in which you reside before creating an account or using our website. Additionally, you affirm and consent that, prior to registering on our website, you obtained legal counsel. We reserve the right to close your account and return any money that is still in it at the time of closure (less any winnings that were credited after your most recent deposit was made) if we learn that you live in a nation where using our website is prohibited.

Customers who do not follow these rules may have their bets refused by the bookmaker. If a customer betrays public order or social norms of behavior, the bookmaker has the authority to refuse to take any kind of wager from them.

The bookmaker has the power to decline any person’s wager without providing an explanation. The information supplied by the processing center will be the basis for settling all wagers.

The bettor will get their winnings within thirty (30) calendar days of the most recent event’s results being officially published on the bet slip.

A bet placed by the client will be considered successful if all of the outcomes indicated in the bet have been accurately forecasted. Terms related to betting (odds, handicaps, totals, maximum stake limits, etc.) could change after a bet has been placed, but this doesn’t change the terms that were in place at the time the bet was made. The consumer must verify that there have been no modifications to the present pre-match markets before finalizing any arrangements.

Only if the event in question is cancelled or if bets on it are not settled by the bookmaker will bets on Esports Live returned in the event of technical difficulties, incomplete broadcasts, etc.

The bookmaker reserves the right to declare bets void if an employee accepts a bet incorrectly (clear typos on the schedule of events, odds discrepancies between the bet and the betting markets offered, etc.), if a bet is accepted against these terms, or if there are other signs that the bet is incorrect. Such wagers will pay out returns at odds of 1.

Should the odds be blatantly incorrect, the wager will be settled using the outcome at the market-specific effective odds.

The company reserves the right to block bets on sporting events before the official conclusion of an international organization and to declare bets null and void if it is found that there was an unsportsmanlike game. This is done in the case that suspicions are raised about the unsportsmanlike format of matches. These wagers are paid out with odds of “1”. Customers are not required to hear the administration’s justifications and conclusions.

In addition to its commitment to upholding fair play in sports, 1xBet is also fully aware of the connections between organized crime, transnational and cross-border organized crime, and organized match fixing, among other criminal acts, and the manipulation of sporting events. As a result, 1xBet complies fully with all applicable legal requirements as well as the aims and principal objectives of the “Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions” (CETS No. 215).

Any suspicion or confirmation of match-fixing or foul play, bets made using a customer’s account by another person, the use of a customer’s account by a third party, or any unusual betting activity (i.e., variations in the kind, size, volume, and style of bets) give the bookmaker the right to void bets.

The phrase “foul play” describes any other infraction of the relevant sport’s regulations as well as the favorite purposefully losing a match or engaging in match fixing as that term is defined under the competition’s rules for financial, competitive, or other reasons.

Customers will be informed of any changes to these rules. Bets accepted after the deadline will be governed by the updated Rules. Previous wagers won’t alter.

A bet cannot be canceled if there is a connection issue during the confirmation process.

The act of placing a wager signifies the customer’s acceptance and agreement to these betting rules.

Only the outcomes announced by the bookmaker will be used to settle bets and calculate winnings. Official documentation from the relevant sports federations and any grievances regarding the event’s date, results, or real start time will be taken into consideration.

The bookmaker will not take into consideration any complaints pertaining to or resulting from the transliteration (or translation) of a team name, player’s last name, or sports venue. The only purpose of a tournament title is convenience. A bet refund will not be granted for any errors in a tournament title.

Even though they may have been informed that such losses or damages are likely to arise, the bookmaker 1xBet shall under no circumstances be held accountable to the Customer for any indirect, collateral, or incidental losses or damages (including loss of profit).

The bookmaker maintains the right to amend these guidelines and include additional clauses at any moment. These new guidelines or changes will become operative as soon as they are posted on the website.

Customers of 1xBet are aware of the dangers and repercussions of losing in addition to the odds of winning.

You may access your deposits and withdrawals by going to the “My Account” section.

1xbet Betting Rules

Based on a list of betting markets with odds that represent the estimated likelihood of each result, the bookmaker takes bets.

A single option requires a minimum bet of $0.30/€0.20.

The bookmaker sets the minimum and maximum bets for each option independently. The maximum bet amounts differ for each sport and event. When multiple legs of an accumulator (system) bet have varying stake limitations, the lowest maximum stake limit will take effect.

Each wager is only eligible for a maximum return of €50,000 (or its equivalent in another currency).

The firm retains the right, without prior warning or justification, to impose any further restrictions on certain clients, as well as to limit or increase the maximum stake and odds on particular markets.

The bookmaker maintains the authority to deem accurately anticipated multiple bets—bets on one or more outcomes with various odds—void. If the total amount of these stakes surpasses the maximum stake limitations imposed by the bookmaker, then such bets will be settled at odds of 1.00.

Once a wager is registered on the server and validated online, it is deemed accepted. Bets that are registered cannot be canceled or changed.

Only wagers up to the current balance on the customer’s account are accepted. Following the registration of a wager, the account is debited of the stake. The refund is credited to the customer’s account following the settlement of the bets.

Before the event begins, bets can be placed; the pertinent date, time, and commentary are provided for reference in the Sports section. A wager made after the event has begun, regardless of the rationale for it, will be considered null and worthless, with the exception of bets placed during in-play, or “live,” wagers. These wagers will be accepted through the conclusion of the game.

SPORTS and LIVE bets cannot be altered or removed, with the exception of the specific circumstances listed in paragraphs 10 through 14.

A single bet cancellation results in a reimbursement of the applicable stake. When a leg or legs in an accumulator or system bet are canceled, those legs are not included in the bet settlement.

Bets that are settled wrongly (for example, because results were submitted accidentally) may need to be recalculated. Bets made during the interim between the incorrect settlement and recalculation, however, will be accepted. 

No bets may be placed until the bettor has made a sufficient deposit if, following such recalculation, the bettor’s account turns out to be negative.

If a sporting event is postponed or canceled, it must be announced via formal documentation released by the organizer, official websites of sports federations, official websites of sports clubs, or other sports information sources. Events listed under the Sports section will be changed appropriately.

If a consumer purposefully provides incorrect information to the staff (workers of the bookmaker) about betting, payouts, event outcomes, or any other information or request of that kind, the bet will be annulled. Individuals under the age of eighteen (minors) and their parents are also subject to this restriction.

If a bet is placed on a known result, it will be canceled (an event has concluded, but the results have not been updated).

When more than one person wins an event, tournament, championship, etc., it is referred to as a “simultaneous finish.” In the event that two winners are declared, the stake amount is split in half for determining wagers. In the event that more than three winners are declared, bets will be settled at odds of “1.” The “To be higher” and “Match-up” markets are exempt from this restriction.

When one team reaches a specific score and has a significant goal, point, or other advantage over the other, the mercy rule ends the game before the scheduled time. Each competition’s organizer determines the precise points differential needed in order for the mercy rule to be implemented.

Initial Odds (SP) = Starting Price. This phrase describes the starting odds of a race, which are determined by averaging the odds provided by the competition’s organizers prior to the start of the race. All bets on a competitor will be void (paid at odds of 1.00) if they withdraw before to the commencement of the event or do not participate in a race (in compliance with the applicable official tournament rules) and a new SP market is not formed.

Bets on regional championships (hockey, football, futsal, etc.) are settled ten days after the results are posted on the respective websites. The list of official websites is located in the “Main Sources of Information” section. In the event that one of the teams is absent, all wagers will be fulfilled at a payout of one to one. The non-participant forfeits the game in this scenario.

Dispute Settlement

Subject to this, the customer agrees that any disputes with the bookmaker regarding the observance and fulfillment of a betting arrangement, including payouts, outcomes, odds, and other material terms of the arrangement, as well as declaring such an arrangement unconcluded or void, will be resolved by the customer filing a complaint with the bookmaker.

The Customer alleging the infringement of its rights must email the Bookmaker a written complaint as part of the pre-trial process.

The customer must file a complaint within ten (10) days of the day they should have realized that their rights had been violated. Enclosed must be supporting and substantiating documents for the complaint. If the complaint does not have enough merit, it will be returned without investigation. After the game ends, all bet calculation claims for Cyber-Live games are acknowledged within 72 hours.

Within thirty (30) days of the complaint being submitted, the Customer Support Team promises to give the client a thorough and comprehensive response about the issue. Furthermore, the thirty (30) day term will be extended until all required information is submitted in cases where the resolution depends on the Client providing further information.

Additionally, the bettor has the option to file a complaint using the website’s seal.

When multiple sources report conflicting results for the same event, each with glaring errors, the Company has the last say when it comes to determining the results and settling bets. In cases when there are disagreements and no prior decisions, the Bookmaker has the last say.

Only in cases where the Client feels that the Company is violating the license should the Client get in touch with Curaçao eGaming, the Master-Licensee. Direct communication with the Bookmaker should be the first step in any problems you may have with the Company over a payout, a blocked account, a delay, malfunctioning features, etc. 

Match Times, Dates, and Results

Revisions to the bet settlement are possible if the bookmaker displays inaccurate results.

The real start time of the event is used to settle bets, and this time is roughly derived from the official records of the organizations in charge of organizing the event. In the absence of such legally binding papers, data will be gathered from sports clubs’ websites, official sports federation websites, and other sports information sources.

If the claimed date and time of an event differ from the real date and time, the bookmaker is not liable. The event’s date and timing, as listed in the “Sports” section, are only estimates. The real start time of an event, as stated in the official documentation of the event organizer, determines when bets are settled.

For incorrect references to the name of a championship or the length of a match (sports event), the bookmaker is not liable. The information displayed in the “Sports” or “Live” sections is illustrative. To learn more about the specifics of the pertinent sporting event, consumers should consult other reliable sources of information.

The SPORT and LIVE sections’ weather data is illustrative only. The weather in the SPORT and LIVE sections cannot be consistently relied upon to cancel bets that have been placed.

If the event organizer has released official documents detailing the outcomes, complaints against those documents must be made within 10 calendar days of the event’s conclusion.

With the exception of live bets, wagers placed after the event has begun will be settled at odds of 1, and in an accumulator, the odds of such legs will be assumed to be 1.

A bet placed by the customer on an event for which they know the outcome will be canceled. In this case, the bookmaker won’t decide until after conducting a unique, confidential examination. Any wager-related activity will be put on hold for the time being.

All bets on a match or competition that is postponed (rescheduled) for more than 48 hours for any reason will be deemed void; however, the bookmaker reserves the right to maintain the status of such bets at its sole discretion in order to prevent disputes that may arise if the match is postponed for longer than 48 hours from the officially scheduled starting time. If the event’s official scheduled start time is changed, it will be considered postponed or rescheduled.

All bets will stand if a competition or match is postponed for any reason and resumes within five hours of the original start time. All bets will be settled at odds of 1, unless the interrupted contest or competition resumes within five hours of the start time, or the outcome of the wager has already been ascertained. This regulation does not apply to activities that, according to their rules (see “Sports Rules,” p. 9), may terminate in a time frame longer than five hours.

The results decided upon before to such abandonment (e.g., first half markets, first goal and its time market, etc.) shall be taken into consideration at the bet settlement if a match is abandoned (see to page 9 “Sports Rules”) and does not finish. The final wagers will all be settled at odds of 1.

All wagers on a contestant who withdraws prior to the event’s commencement will be deemed worthless.

All wagers made prior to the start of the final round of the competition that the participant participated in will remain valid in the event that the person withdraws during the contest for whatever reason (injury, withdrawal, etc.). Every other wager will be deemed invalid. 

Unless otherwise specified, the winning odds in respect of a team (football, hockey, basketball, etc.) member who has not played in the game will be considered equal to 1.

The winning odds will be 1 if a player withdraws or is disqualified prior to the start of a tennis match, with the exception of wagers on the player’s outcome (which will be considered lost). All wagers will remain until the conclusion of the tournament in which the match was planned, until the match is played, or until any participant withdraws, in the event that a tennis match is stopped, does not conclude on the same day, or is postponed. The guidelines on page 9.23 will be followed to settle bets in the event that a player withdraws from a tennis match.

All wagers on an event will be void if two specific identified opponents—teams or athletes—are predicted to take part in a match, competition, or fight, but one or both of these opponents later withdraw.

When a player or players are substituted for any reason in a team competition, all wagers on the outcome of the match are still valid.

When at least one player is substituted and the names of the couples are known, the winning odds in doubles matches are 1. All bets stand if the names of the couples are not stated.

In contests when the terms “home” and “away” are used, the following rules apply in the event that the event is held at a different location: bets stand if the event is held at a neutral location or at the venue of the opposing team.

All wagers will stand if an event takes place at a different location than what was initially mentioned, provided that the phrases “home” and “away” do not apply to the event (such as in dual or individual sports). Teams from the NBA, NHL, AHL, CHL, OHL, WHL, and East Coast Hockey League can be viewed in both reversed and direct order (home – away). In the latter scenario, there is no reimbursement of bets.

When a friendly, even a club friendly, is held at a different location, all wagers are still valid.

In the event that a specific sport or circumstance lacks a definition of bet settlement, the General Terms will apply.

The bookmaker will have the last say in any disagreement of that kind that arises for the first time.

The bookmaker retains the authority to pay bets based on statistics obtained from a video recording or an independent source in situations where statistics from official and independent sources diverge.

Should disparities arise in data from several sources (date, time, outcome, team name), the bookmaker will halt rewards until the veracity of the data is confirmed by an inquiry. The bookmaker retains the right to pay bets based on the TV broadcast in the event that the outcome of an event that is shown on an official website differs from that which is shown on television.

If the bookmaker acknowledges a mistake in the odds output application, all bets on those selections will be declared won, and payouts will be given at odds of 1.

These Terms, which convey the identical ideas in all languages, may be published by the Betting Company. This is carried out to give clients help and information.

The legal foundation for the relationship between the consumer and the Betting Company is, however, the English version.Should there be a disagreement between the English and other language versions of the Terms, the English version will take precedence.

All bets will be paid out according to the initial (real) result if the outcome of a concluded event is changed later for any reason and one side forfeits the match (abandonment will not be taken into consideration). The outcome that was announced right away following the event, based on the official minutes and other official sources of information, is the genuine outcome.